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How We Screen Financial Advisors


An Exceedingly Stringent Vetting Procedure

How we screen financial advisors to work with Changemakers Financial is critical to the values and beliefs of the organization and all SRI advisors we work with. We conduct thorough interviews with financial advisors regarding their expertise in socially responsible and impact investing are integral to our mission.

In today's financial landscape, ethical investment practices are gaining prominence, and we recognize the importance of ensuring our clients receive guidance that aligns with their financial objectives and values.

Our dedication to this meticulous approach reflects Changemakers Financial's acknowledgment of the profound influence these advisors have on our clients' financial well-being, as well as their ability to drive positive societal and environmental changes through investment decisions.

By adhering to these stringent standards, we strive to provide our clients with advisors who not only meet their financial goals but also share Changemakers Financial's vision for a more sustainable and responsible financial future.

first step

We conduct a pre-screening process to exclude individuals with backgrounds as investment brokers and insurance sales representatives. This step is integral to guaranteeing that every advisor affiliated with Changemakers Financial upholds the fiduciary standard. 

second step

We perform a comprehensive examination of the regulatory records for both the advisor candidate and their affiliated firm. Additionally, we verify that they have obtained all necessary registrations with government agencies as mandated by regulations.

third step

We meticulously scrutinize all pertinent databases to gain insight into their professional work history, paying particular attention to any client grievances or potential warning signs. Furthermore, we assess their total fees and expenses to ensure they are within a reasonable and acceptable range.

fourth step

We conduct a comprehensive final interview with every prospective advisor. While background checks offer valuable information, this one-on-one conversation delves much deeper into their service offerings, areas of expertise, client service philosophy, and the areas they are most passionate about

Our vetting process has been meticulously crafted to ensure that our network encompasses a wide array of specializations and expertise. Whether you’re at the beginning of your financial journey, preparing for retirement, or anywhere in between, you can be confident that you’ll discover a Wealthramp advisor who is a perfect fit for your current needs.

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