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The Role of SRI Advisors


Exceptional Financial Guidance with Expertise You Deserve

At Changemakers, we recognize the uniqueness of every individual's financial circumstances and requirements. This is why we have meticulously built the Changemakers advisor network to cater to a diverse range of financial needs. While each advisor possesses extensive experience and high qualifications, many of them hold certifications, accreditations, or possess deep knowledge in specific financial domains.

High-quality financial advice and expertise you want — and deserve

Whether your interests revolve around socially responsible investing (SRI), Impact investing, or ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations, whether you seek retirement planning expertise or specialized tax-focused financial planning, we are well-prepared to connect you with an advisor who can guide you effectively toward your financial objectives.

Simply put, fiduciary advisors are professionally and legally obligated to put your interests first. Surprisingly, non-fiduciary advisors – who are typically called brokers — are actually salespeople. And they are not legally held to the fiduciary standard at all times.

Our advisors not only bring a wealth of experience but also exhibit a commitment to ongoing learning and expertise, ensuring that you receive the customized financial advice you deserve.

In addition to ESG and SRI, many financial advisors specialize in specific areas to address any niche situations or needs you may have, including:

General Financial Planning

> Retirement Planning
> General Investing & Diversification
> Portfolio Management
> Tax Focused Financial Planning

Planning for your Family

> Divorce Planning
> Loss of Spouse
> Windfall Inheritance
> Estate & Legacy Planning
> Holistic Family Planning
> College Education
> Special Needs Planning
> Long Term Care Financial Planning
> LGBTQ & Couple Planning

Other Financial Planning Needs

> Employee Stock Options
> Military or Federal Benefits
> ESG and SRI (Socially Responsible Investing)
> Crypto Investing
> Selling Your Business
> Managing Company Benefits
> Mortgage Services
> Trustee Services

If You Need Help, Get A Consultation!


General Questions

A financial advisor with expertise in SRI and ESG investments can help align your wealth management with your values.

They can identify investment opportunities that generate financial returns while also contributing to sustainable and ethical causes, ensuring your wealth growth reflects your social and environmental concerns.