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Why Changemakers

We are more than just a service provider

Changemakers Financial is more than just a service provider for financial advisors and their clients. We hold the responsibility of changing the world close to our hearts. 

We’re here to help you achieve the financial future you want while helping the world be a better place. Our goal at Changemakers is to ensure your experience is personal to what you are looking for in an investment team. 

We evaluate your pain points as well as your investment goals to develop a plan to solve one and achieve the other. Our ultimate goal is a happy client whose investment needs are met. 

Changemakers will thoroughly evaluate your needs and want to connect you with an impact investment advisor whose qualifications are personalized to your goals.  

Does Socially Responsible Investing make financial sense?

One of the biggest fears investors carry with them is...

What is the potential return on my investment, what level of risk is associated with it, and how can I leave a legacy?

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) indeed makes financial sense. Numerous studies and research have consistently demonstrated a positive link between robust environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and financial returns. 

An SRI financial advisor can help improve your financial literacy and foster a positive relationship with your finances. They offer personalized guidance, explain complex concepts, and create customized financial plans aligned with your goals.

Advisors also assist with budgeting, manage expenses, and provide expertise in areas like socially responsible and ESG investing. They continuously monitor your progress, make necessary adjustments, and offer emotional support to prevent impulsive decisions.

In essence, a financial advisor is a valuable partner in achieving financial well-being.

We want to help you find a communicative and open advisor to assist you with your financial planning and we want you to feel comfortable when investing your hard-earned money in a socially responsible way.

There are many financial advantages working with a SRI advisor.

1) Long-Term Resilience

Companies emphasizing sustainability, ethics, and stakeholder management often exhibit resilience and superior financial performance over the long term. They tend to have robust risk management systems, leading to enhanced operational efficiency, cost savings, and increased profitability. Furthermore, our nation's sustainability goals will necessitate substantial investments, potentially benefitting select industries and adversely affecting others. Winners and losers will emerge.

2) Risk Reduction

Integrating ESG factors into investment analysis helps identify and mitigate risks tied to unsustainable or unethical practices. Companies with poor ESG performance may face legal, regulatory, operational, and reputational risks, negatively impacting financial performance. By addressing these risks, SRI investors aim to construct more resilient portfolios.


We care about the state of our world.

3) Growing Investor Demand

As investors increasingly prioritize sustainability and ethical business conduct, companies excelling in ESG often attract more investor interest and demand. This can translate into enhanced stock performance and valuation, ultimately benefiting SRI portfolios. Sustainable companies are likely to attract new investments and cash flow.

4) Access to Growth Industries

SRI investors can access emerging sectors focused on sustainability, renewable energy, clean technology, and social innovation. These sectors often present significant growth opportunities as societies and economies transition toward sustainability.

We want you to feel heard

5) Enhanced Reputation

Companies with strong ESG performance typically cultivate positive reputations and brand images, fostering increased customer loyalty, trust, and market share. This can positively influence financial performance and shareholder value.

6) Supportive Regulations

Governments and regulatory bodies globally are increasingly acknowledging the significance of sustainable finance. They are introducing policies, regulations, and incentives encouraging responsible business practices. This regulatory support can create a favorable environment for SRI investments, potentially benefiting financial returns.

Start Investing Today

Your money counts. When you reasonably invest, it creates change around the world.

History of SRI

Our network of financial advisors is constantly updating and informing their clients of new investment options to consider because they want you to stay up-to-date and in the loop on social causes that may align with your investment goals. 

These financial advisors are always thinking about your future, and how your investment can positively impact the social cause of your choice. They take your personal values and beliefs into consideration and create an investment portfolio specific to what is important to you, so that you know you are directly having an impact on a social cause all while making money for your future. 

They listen when you need to be heard.